Magic in Corporate and Trade Shows

Exhibiting at a trade show offers you one of the best ways to get in front of a lot of customers and prospects in a relatively short amount of time. Trade shows give you the opportunity to not only show your product or describe your service, but also create that all important first impression. Paul Scott brings an extra dynamic to your presentation and can be use to draw potential trade.

Magical Ideas

Paul’s magic can be used in a traditional floor show, attracting crowds and encouraging people to stop. Alternatively, you could provide a table and allow Paul to attract people to the table with a personal touch such as producing promotional material or using your products in the course of the magic. He can also appear on your Trade Stand and promote your products. The advantage being he can-generate a crowd-build rapport-create a talking point-make you stand out from your competitors and get your message over in a unique way. His perfomance is magical and humorous and he can draw on years of entertainment experience to create a crowd and a buzz all surrounding your trade area.

Corporate Shows

Sometimes it isn’t so much about making a point as it is to just let employees enjoy some entertainment or invited guests to feel entertained, and Paul has just the right routines for corporate shows, giving you the chance to show your appreciation to staff. Paul is there to make his client’s event come alive. A magical experience is in order.
Paul will work with staff to ensure that he blends into whatever show is needed. He is ready to adapt to a wide variety of needs and can be flexible. The best thing to do is to ring Paul and talk things over with him to find out how he can help enhance your show.

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